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Just one more minute...

Boldly Reading

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I've been sucked into the world of fan fiction. I may fight my way free, or perhaps not. I like The Professionals, a 30 year old British TV show with lots of mindless violence, loud music, and lovely men. I also like Stargate (both TV generations), The Sentinel, Earth2, and other bad TV science fiction, especially if there's an anthropologist/archaeologist involved. I still adore Brisco County, Jr. and can't figure out why they cancelled it. Ditto for Firefly and Dark Angel. I loved every minute of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and mostly liked Angel, too. Probably because almost all of the above are no longer with us, I've tumbled headfirst into the extended world of Harry Potter, the books, the movies and the fanfic.

Oh, I like some fiction that is more highly regarded by critics, too!